BRIGHT Round Table Session #01

The first Round Table session of BRIGHT was a success. Discussing the applicability of Smart Homes with experts from different perspectives. On to the next session!

Ferdinand Grapperhaus – Co-founder & CEO of Physee:
“Swimming against the current means you have to deal with the way this traditional industry is fundamentally built. Tenders are set with project specific requirements, if there aren’t clear demands for innovative smart and sustainability features, then cost battles is all one will get.“

Ren Yee – Director Design & Strategy at UNSense:
“When you involve digital technology and data, you flatten the process, and bring residents and investors together. In the future, people are looking at the home as a long-term engagement with new services and because of continuous generation of data and the possible technological frameworks, you (the investor) will be  establishing a very interesting long-term relationship with the people who live there.“

Rob Linsen – Senior Asset Manager Residential Fund at Bouwinvest:
“I think the tenant will off course implement their own devices to make their own  living more comfortable, but that is also a type of service we don’t offer. But what we have to offer is that we get an efficient building. And there where we see opportunity to connect energy savings with home comfort. “

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